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Troubles with regional flights

The Russian market for regional air transportation is in trouble


The FFS for An-148 aircraft has been installed at S7 Training center

Russian pilots now have a unique simulator for assimilation of new aircraft


A flight test of Antonov's An-158 regional jet

Past glories do not secure or fund the future of any aircraft company within today's highly competitive aerospace marketplace


Ilyushin Finance branches out

Lessor IFC may shortly branch out from selling primarily Russian-built aircraft if changes to its shareholder structure materialise


The first serial An-158 is going to be built in 2011

Today Tatyana Anodina, Chief of Interstate Aviation Committee, handed the type certificate of An-148/158 to the representatives of Antonov design bureau


Antonov-158 has been certified

Vedomosti reports that Ukraine’s state corporation Antonov has been granted the type certificate for An-158 regional jet


D Level FFS for Antonov-148

At last the FFS has become available for the new Russian regional jet – Antonov-148 with S7 Training base in Domodedovo


An-148: operator’s verdict

The aviation industries of Russia and Ukraine seek a new place in the global market for passenger jetliners with the Antonov An-148 regional jet family