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Results of IFC’s work at MAKS-2009


IFC concluded over 50 agreements and –precontract agreements for supply of over 90 Il-96, An-148 and Tu-204 aircrafts

Ilyushin Finance Co. OJSC (IFC) concluded over 50 agreements and –precontract agreements for supply of over 90 Il-96, An-148 and Tu-204 aircrafts, for the amount exceeding $ 2 billion, during MAKS-2009 International Aviation and Space Salon. Moreover, during the Exhibition, IFC and the Bank of Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank) entered into an agreement on cooperation in organization of IFC’s prospective investment programs financing. It also refers to development of common strategies for selling 70 Russian aircrafts (Il-96, Tu-204 and An-148) in the domestic and foreign markets using leasing and export financing patterns.

The greatest interest of Russian and foreign air companies was aroused by the certified regional An-148-100 aircraft, made by VASO (Voronezh Joint Stock Aviation Construction Association). The first serial sample was used at MAKS-2009 in demonstration flight and was available at the aviation salon static exhibition for experts’ visits. As a result, air companies placed orders for 59 An-148 passenger aircrafts of various modifications with IFC. Thus, “Atlant-Soyuz”, Moscow Government’s air company concluded a firm-fixed contract on supply of 30 An-148 aircrafts of various modifications within 2010-2012, including the long model (An-148-200) and business model (Antonov Business Jet, ABJ).

A pre-contract agreement was entered into with the Russian air company “Vladivostok Avia”, on delivery of 6 An-148-100/200 aircrafts in 2012-2014, on the financial leasing basis, and with “Saratov Airlines” Company – on delivery of 5 Аn-148-100В/Е aircrafts in 2011-2012. Another agreement with one of the largest Russia’s air companies, one of top 5 Russian air carriers, envisages delivery of 15 Аn-148-100В/Е aircrafts within 2012-2013. The pre-contract agreement in relation to Аn-148 was signed with foreign customers too: “Icaro” air company (Ecuador) is planning to buy 2 Аn-148-100 aircrafts from IFC on conditions of export financing, with an option for another Russian aircraft.

Various modifications of Russian medium haul aircrafts of Tu-204 family aroused equal interest. “Atlant-Soyuz” company concluded a firm-fixed contract with IFC on delivery of 15 Тu-204SM passenger aircrafts (the latest modification of the certified Tu-204-100) within 2011-2012 on the financial leasing basis. The firm-fixed agreement was concluded with another Russian company, “Aviastar-Tu”, which is planning to obtain 2 Tu-204S cargo airlines by financial leasing from IFC before the end of 2009. (Tu-204S is a cargo modification of the certified Tu-204-100, with the takeoff weight increased up to 107.5 tons and the payload amounting to 30 tons). As for foreign customers, “Clean Air”, a Brazilian air company, which has signed a pre-contract agreement with IFC on delivery of 4 Tu-204SM passenger aircrafts and 2 cargo aircrafts of new modification – Tu-204SM-Cargo; and “Icaro”, an Ecuadorian air company, is planning to procure 2 Tu-204SM-Cargo aircrafts, with an option for another aircraft.

Therefore, the total number of aircrafts of Tu-204 family ordered from IFC amounts to 26. Generally, Il-96 family was popular with foreign air companies, which ordered 5 aircrafts of this family. “Cielos” air company (Peru) ordered two cargo Il-96-400Ts with an option for another aircraft, and “Clean Air” (Brazil) signed a pre-contract agreement with IFC for delivery of two Il-96-300 passenger aircrafts.