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IFC transferred the first Russian An-148-100 to GTK “Rossiya”



On October 01, 2009, at Voronezh Aviation Factory (VASO), IFC transferred the first serial regional passenger An-148-100 jet to GTK “Rossiya” air company. The aircraft was transferred under the financial leasing agreement for 15 years. In accordance with the agreement, the air carrier ordered 6 An-148-100 aircrafts from IFC, with the delivery during 2009-2010, with an option for another 6 aircrafts to be delivered during 2011-2012. The first time the Russian An-148 was exhibited at MAX-2009 Aviation and Space Salon in August 2009.

An-148-100 aircraft is a unique solution of Russian and Ukrainian civil aircraft designers. Throughout these 20 year, it has become the first novelty introduced into serial production in Russian and certified according to the Russian AP-25 specifications coordinated to the European CS-25. It took only 6 years to design An-148 under the principles of co-insurance partnership between O.K. Antonov Aircraft Design Bureau (Ukraine) and appliances suppliers from Russia and Ukraine, without any budget funds involved. 

Digital technologies were implemented in the aircraft design, which allows to swiftly launch serial production of the entire family of this type aircrafts. At the present time, An-148-200, a long version of the base aircraft, intended for 100 passengers (the base An-148-100 can carry 65-80 passengers, depending on the customer’s requirements). The VIP version, Antonov Business Jet (ABJ) is designed on the basis of An-148-100.

The main competitive advantages of An148 are as follows: high location of engines from the runway strip (“high-wing aircraft”), which makes it possible to take-off and land on runway strips with low-quality covering, a ramp door, which allows passengers to enter and leave the aircraft without any special airfield equipment, high fuel efficiency and reasonable price for the aircraft. These advantages raise keen demand on this type of aircrafts.