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IFC may purchase two Il-96-300 aircraft owned by Aeroflot


According to CEO of Aeroflot, two jets of the type may be purchased by Ilyushin Finance & Co.

Aeroflot has found a buyer for Il-96-300 aircraft, Vedomosti reports with reference to the CEO of Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, Vitaly Savelyev. According to him, two jets of the type may be purchased by Ilyushin Finance & Co. leasing company. Savelyev declined to comment on the value of the potential deal.

It was reported earlier that in early April Aeroflot put up for sale six Il-96-300 liners. «In light of planned removal from operation of Il-96-300 aircraft, Aeroflot asks all the parties interested in purchase of these jets to submit their offers», — said in the carrier’s statement. The last flight of Il-96-300 under Aeroflot’s brand from Moscow to Tashkent was performed on March 30th 2014. The carrier’s representative told Interfax that the aircraft are outdated; they have high fuel consumption and lack passenger comfort.

However, Aeroflot will sell only five jets, because one aircraft of the type caught fire and burned down at Sheremetyevo airport in early July. Aeroflot’s representative said that the jet was parked and covered with tarpaulin; a self-ignition took place.

Savelyev noted that the aircraft was insured and Aeroflot got the insurance compensation. «I will not unveil the amount of the compensation. Self-ignition took place. Investigative agencies confirmed it. It happens; the ambient temperature was high and the jet was being prepared for delivery. It was connected to the power supply», — he said.