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Dubai airshow outcomes


Brief followup on our recent participation in Dubai airshow

Dear partners and friends! We have decided to bring to your attention a brief followup on our recent participation in Dubai airshow. Hopefully there was a chance to meet some of you and we are sure to say that we have managed to do more than we planned on the business side. First of all it was a great help for our meetings with the airlines to have Sukhoi Superjet at display with superb Pininfarina interior and nice Interjet airline livery. It was another new SSJ-100 to join the fleet of other 18 flying with Mexican carrier. Together with our partners from Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Corp. we have brought dozens of people from Middle East and African carriers to have a chance to see the comfort onboard and discuss our leasing solutions afterwards. It all coincided with a number of very important announcements we have made during the show including our new customer for five firm SSJ-100, two Bombardier CS-300. Then good news came on our strong prospects to relocate some of our “legacy business” aircraft like freighter and passenger Tupolevs and Antonovs to new lessees. So it is basically true to say that we have returned back to office full of joy and optimism, though we anticipate a hard work to maintain it in reality.