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Results of the first operation year of Il-94-400T by “Polyot” Air Company



On December 10, 2010, according to the results of the first operation year of Il-96-400T jets operation by “Polyot” Air Company held an air technical conference with representatives of the cooperating enterprises engaged in the project: “United Aircraft Corporation” (UAC), “Ilyushin Air Finance Co.” (IFC) air leasing company, “Ilyushin Aviation Complex” and others.

Reports of the air company’s experts were heard, and the analyses of Il-96-400T’s aircraft performance characteristics, PS-90A1 engines, and the aircraft systems were presented. To summarize, Director General of “Polyot” Air Company A.S. Karpov emphasized that Il-96-400T aircraft is one of the most successful products of the Russian air industry.

The Air Company’s customers also appreciate the aircraft: its weight capacity, cargo compartment volume, nonstop flight distance, and fuel consumption comply with the specified characteristics, which is confirmed by the high commercial interest to Il-96-400T. The logistic chain of the Il-96-400T aircraft delivery to the Russian North and Far East regions has been set. 23 airports have been admitted to accept the aircraft. Over 6 thousand tons of various cargos have been transported to airports of Russia. Il-96-400T has successfully passed the accreditation procedure abroad and now flies to Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. During its commercial operation period, over 17 thousand tons of cargos have been transited from South-East Asia countries to Europe, via Russia. 

In the first quarter 2011, the Air Company will accept its fourth Il-96-400T, which will ensure positive dynamics of cargo transportation growth and further development of the traffic flow servicing. “Polyot” Air Company’s strategy suggests increase of the Il-96-400T aircraft park up to as many as 10-12 aircrafts in 2011-2016.