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D Level FFS for Antonov-148


At last the FFS has become available for the new Russian regional jet – Antonov-148 with S7 Training base in Domodedovo

Designed and produced by TRANSAS Aviation. It is the first D level full-flight simulator ever made for the Russian-built civil aircraft. The FFS has been qualified this February and it is to go into operation in March.

The FFS is combined with the new Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) delivering the integrated training solution for the operators of An-148 family.
Until now the flight crew training for An-148s has been available in Kiev only at the training facilities of Antonov design bureau. However the pilots of the type’s launch-customer – Rossiya had no access to the real FFS there. They had been utilizing the flight training device modified after the initial use for the math modeling of the piloting systems.

The lack of the FFS has been limiting the An-148s operation with Rossiya along with the overall marketing and contracting of this type. The order for the FFS had been placed with TRANSAS Aviation by the major dealer for this type – Ilyushin Finance leasing company (IFC).

Last summer IFC has signed the agreement with S7 airline group for installing the An-148 FFS and CPT at S7 Training base. The project’s total value exceeds RUR 600 million (around USD 20 million). Around RUR 300 had been invested by IFC while Sberbank had provided the credit line for RUR 315 million.

TRANSAS Aviation has been chosen as the projects contractor as Russia’s leading flight simulator producer with expertise in the FFS design and manufacture. So far the company has delivered seven D level FFS to the Russian clients (including Gazpromavia, UTair, United Aircraft Corp.).
The FFS has been constructed on the base of the real An-148 cockpit. It features a module design and collimated display system.

Source: RuAviaton.com