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The first serial An-158 is going to be built in 2011


Today Tatyana Anodina, Chief of Interstate Aviation Committee, handed the type certificate of An-148/158 to the representatives of Antonov design bureau

According to her, An-158 meets the highest requirements to the regional jets. "I would like to admit the possibility of operating the jet in a heavy weather conditions", - she added.

As explained by Anodina, the aircraft also meets European requirements on noise level. Department of Presidental Affairs of Russia and leasing company "Ilyushin Finance & Co." are considering the possibility of acquiring An-158.

"The presentation of the type certificate of An-158 opens the way to development and manufacture of this aircraft for a long time. Ukraine is one of the countries having its own aircraft industry once again ", - RIA Novosti quote the Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov. 

In addition, according to the CEO of State Aviational Concern Antonov and chief designer of Antonov design bureau Dmitry Kiva, the delivery of first An-158 will be completed in 2011.

According to his story, they have already signed a contract with leasing company "Ilyushin Finance & Co."regarding delivery of 10 jets. "We plan to deliver the first aircraft at the end of this year ", - reported Interfax-Ukraine with reference to Mr. Kiva.

Dmitry Kiva has also admitted that leaders of Antonov have raised a question about correction of law on competitive bidding during meeting with Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov, because this law slows down the execution of contracts. According to Kiva the government is looking for solution to this problem.

He specified that Antonov plans to build 8 jets in 2011. Each jet costs $27-30 million.

CEO of the Russian leasing company "Ilyushin Finance & Co." Alexander Rubtsov said that company is expecting the delivery of 5 jets by the end of the year, including An-158 built in Kiev. "Three An-158 will be built in Voronezh and two jets will be built in Kiev this year ", - he said.

"Ilyushin Finance & Co." is working with Russian airlines on deliveries of An-148 /158 aircraft.

Source: Russian Aviaton