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IFC participation at MAKS airshow Moscow, August 27 – September 1



A number of new firm contracts and memorandums on the aircraft deliveries with aircraft manufacturers, airlines and financial institutions were announced by IFC at MAKS airshow in Moscow (aviasalon.com/en).

August 27

IFC has firmed a deal on the purchase of 20 Sukhoi Superjet 100 in “basic” and “long-range” configurations with Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (sukhoi.org/eng).
Firm contracts for 22 MC-21-300 jets have also been signed with the Irkut Corporation (irkut.com/en), bringing the total of IFC backlog for this type to 50 aircraft.
IFC, VEB (veb.ru/en) and Eximbank (eximbank.ru/en) signed a trilateral agreement on the financing three Antonov-158 deliveries to Cubana de Aviacion in 2014-2015.
Novikombank (novikom.ru/en) opened a 1bln rubles (approx. USD 30 mln.) credit line to IFC for financing the Russian aircraft modernization program.

August 28

IFC has signed a letter of intent on six MC-21-300 operating leases with Transaero airline (transaero.ru). The deliveries are to start in 2019.
A ceremony commemorating the third An-158 jet delivery to Cubana de Aviacion airline was held the same day. The aircraft was demonstrated to the public at the static display and it is the fiftieth aircraft delivered by IFC since its foundation. Additionally firm contracts for another three An-158 deliveries in 2014 was signed with Cubana de Aviacion the same day.
IFC and Bombardier Aerospace have signed a letter of intent on the purchase of 50 Q400 Next Gen turboprops to be manufactured in Russia by a joint venture between Bombardier and Rostec corporation (rosteck.ru).

August 29

IFC and Angara Airlines (angara.aero) signed an agreement on two An-148-100E for delivery in 2014. This was to compliment three other An-148 jets which IFC had delivered to the airline earlier this year.
A pre-contract agreement on 5 Bombardier CS300 aircraft was signed between IFC and Vim airlines (vim-avia.com/en) with deliveries scheduled for 2014-2015. It was agreed that the relevant term sheets and contracts will follow in the coming three months.

August 30

IFC and Red Wings airline (flyredwings.com) signed a number of agreements on 30 Russian-made aircraft leases. The parties signed firm contracts on 10 Tuplolev Tu-204CM leases in 2014-2015, a letter of intent on the purchase of 10 Irkut MC-21-300 in 2019, and pre-contract sale agreement on 10 Q400 which are to be manufactured in Russia by the Bombardier and Rostec joint venture in Ulyanovsk.
Russia’s State Transport and Leasing Corporation (gtlk.ru) has confirmed its commitment to Tu-204CM leases to Red Wings and Vim Airlines in partnership with IFC, signing an according agreement.

Source: IFC Press Service