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IFC confirms its A220 slots after CSeries rebranding


Sales campaign continues

As you may have already discovered from the latest aviation world news, Airbus closed its transaction to acquire over 50% of the CSeries Aircraft Limited Partnership (previously owned by Bombardier) and CSeries aircraft was rebranded to Airbus220 on the 1st of July.

As the Bombardier CSeries project has been acquired by Airbus, there is no doubt this type of aircraft will rapidly grow on its popularity. The majority of market players is confirmed CS300 will be in demand as its outstanding characteristics prove the aircraft to be cost-effective and fuel-efficient.

Ilyushin Finance Co. was one of the launch customer for CSeries aircraft with firm purchase agreement signed in 2013 and get the advantage terms and condition that definitely will be reflected in commercial proposal.

Thus, we would like to inform you that Ilyushin Finance Co. has 14 firm slots for A220-300 (CS300) aircraft. Our company is ready to discuss opportunity to place this aircraft in your fleet and provide offer for operational lease.